Hi, I'm Laura...

And I absolutely love what I do. I’ve always been a people person. My kindergarten teacher told my parents at conferences that I was doing fine in school but that I might be “too social”. In college, I took a class that published our school newspaper. I chose the role of photographer knowing that I would much rather be around people and capture events than attempt to be an engaging writer. When friends noticed that I usually had a camera in hand, they started asking me to take their engagement photos. It was then that I realized exactly why I loved photography: the people I get to photograph. To take an image that shows the love and admiration between a brand new husband and wife, or a growing family with their latest addition, is the most rewarding thing to me. Those simple moments that would otherwise be gone are now able to be enjoyed and viewed for generations. 

• • • 

Outside of photography, I enjoy spending my time with my high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband John and attempting to keep up with our boys: Jack, Leo and Cyrus! We love Christmas (Laura), and traveling (John), and neighborhood walks that lead to a playground (Jack + Leo), and milk (baby Cy).