Bre + Dave | Oxford, England

Admittedly, I’m not much of a writer. But I think I have to at least preface this blog post with a few thoughts. Mostly because, while I know my words could never do this European wedding weekend justice, I hope you can get a least at glimpse into what it was like to be there.

When you get to spend an entire weekend - and lots of one-on-one time - with people, you can learn a lot about them. Like how Dave listens with his whole body when anyone - but especially Bre - speaks. You can see his eyes are always locked on her, but he physically leans in, too, to listen. There’s never any doubt that he’s absolutely paying attention to what you say. And how Bre says, “thank you!”, always. We’d take some photos and go to move on to another location, but not before she thanked me each time. She constantly thanked me for doing my job. But not just me; she showed her gratitude constantly to their family and friends and any staff she encountered. She says she gets it from her mom and grandma and I realized they, too, spoke their gratitude often. Even after Dave finished reading his vows, he leaned over to give her a hug and a kiss on the forehead and you could hear her whisper, “Thank you!” to him for his kind words.

What incredible qualities to have. Dave is filled with wonder which allows him to be completely present and engaged and Bre recognizes the good and lives in a constant state of gratitude. Needless to say, nothing went unnoticed during this weekend; there was so much thought in the details and focus on helping their guests enjoy their time abroad.

I like to think of my role as a photographer as being an observer. I’m there to witness everything that is happening, let things unfold without interrupting, and capture the beauty of it all. I hope these images do just that.