michaela + jake : engaged

holy FREEZING, these two were brave!

30 degrees today was no problem for these two lovebirds. its amazing in these you can’t even tell they’re cold!

We had been waiting for winter to finally come to Iowa so they could have a winter snow shoot. There was talk all day yesterday about this EPIC storm that was upon us and it was supposed to snow all day. So, naturally, we set up a time to do a shoot in this upcoming blizzard and what happens? it didn’t snow. so – we improvised. the shots below were some of our last shots of the day. we were feeling a bit hopeless without any snow when we spotted a tractor on a bridge. he was plowing it so the good citizens of West Des Moines could go on a leisurely walk without trudging through snow. As he went over the bridge, blade down,  the snow would escape through the planks. The 3 of us RAN -literally – underneath the bridge and waited for him to come back. I had to post these to show the progression - it was hilarious! I just told them to stand there and KEEP KISSING - haha! Good work you two!

the end result were these: 

you guys rock! so worth the freezing wait :) 

congrats! you two are so fun and i can't wait for the big day!!