aj + amy : married

Some love stories are just too perfect. AJ & Amy’s is one of them. They met while studying abroad in London...but attended different schools. And started dating...in London. Who knew you’d find your soulmate from the state next door while you’re both halfway around the world.Amy is an event planner, so you can imagine the perfect details from their big day. And it truly was just that... perfect. The weather was a tad chilly, but for October in Iowa, you couldn’t ask for anything better! It was a joy to meet and spend the day with all of their family & friends - they kept me laughing all day long! I wish you both the very best, you make a beautiful couple!

Amy went to the Farmer's Market in downtown DSM and bought these flowers the morning of her wedding. AWESOME, right?  Did I mention Amy is the coolest?! pretty sure we got the very last moments of these beautiful colors! love these two (above & below). I seriously have the coolest brides. "Why YES, I will chill out on the ground. In my wedding dress." OK!this one kills me: 

love: love this brotherly picture. or maybe we could add your dad and make the Spike family album cover?!an all time fav:YES, that says "Keep Calm And Eat Cupcakes". Epic.AJ's dad is the drummer - HOW COOL IS THAT!one of my favorite dance shots. What can I say, Amy's bros know how to bust some moves. AJ serenaded Amy (and all of the other guests who were completely silent) with Glen Hansard's beautiful song "Falling Slowly". It was so adorable!

thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding day! i love your love story :)