alex + danny : engaged

alex and danny met in the gymnasium of their (and my) college back in the day. i asked them where exactly they met - and danny knew! Right next to the "A" in the "RAVENS" bleachers. What a guy. They wanted to have their engagement shoot back in Atchison where BC is. Naturally, we had to start back in gym where they met! It was such a blast wandering around our old stomping grounds!the next place we headed was the infamous "Look Out" that overlooks the river. This was a popular place for couples to wander. Anyone who knows BC knows this place...they hung out hear a lot too - the front steps of Scholastica ...due to curfew, of course :)and yes. the classic BC sign! It's a must.alex played soccer at Benedictine - so this was appropriate...and the atchi-bridge...nice bling! good work, danny!love this one..

you guys were so much fun to hang out with! i cannot wait until your wedding next summer! wahoo!