alex + danny : married

have you ever known two people that, no matter what you do, you always have fun when you're with them? that's danny and alex. and these are the type of people that you think every time you see them: wait a minute. they've been dating longer than anyone i know...sooo why aren't they married?! Well - they did it! After a few college years and then some into the real world, these two lovebirds finally tied the knot in KC and i could not have been more excited to be a part of their day! everything about it was such a good time! there was laughter all day - from the groom's dress shirt arriving about 5 minutes before the ceremony - to the terrible shots dispensed on an epic party bus - to me wading in water to fit the bridal party with a baseball backdrop  (the theme of the wedding) - to the absolutely insane dance moves that went well into the night. I think everyone there would agree it was the absolute best time! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! mr & mrs young!!i feel like its my duty to give you a PSA about this shot because i think its hilarious. you take a shot (i think this was straight vodka?) and the only chaser you can use afterwards is a high five - ha! so they all had these scrunched up faces and were high fiving throughout the entire bus!both alex and danny work for the colorado rockies (where danny is from and where they've lived for the past couple of years) and so their wedding was baseball themed...this was too perfect...alex and her 2 sisters at their alma mater high school by the brick with their names on cute!loved their rings! and they had custom jerseys as their "guest book" - so cool!guess this song:(ill give you a hint: in the first pic she is rocking a baby, in the second pic she is saying "oh")... this goofy guy in the purple checks? thats my brother, nick. he would never tell you this, but he's a dancing fiend and below is the proof. Apparently nobody could keep up with him... :) "we are family..."its a BC tradition (for parents too :) )... congratulations mr & mrs young! i could not be more happy for you guys!!