Alix + Ben | Married

Two amazing families came together to celebrate one incredible couple. Their joy was contagious and the day was beyond perfect. Alix had the loveliest details; beautiful watercolored flower invitations that matched her other wedding signage, gold accents included even in her florals, a balloon exit from the church, and time to enjoy all of their family and friends who came to celebrate with them. Congratulations to two of the kindest, most fun and light-hearted people I've ever had the privilege of knowing! What a beautiful day!

2016-08-24_0002.jpg2016-08-24_0001.jpg 2016-08-24_0003.jpg 2016-08-24_0004.jpg 2016-08-24_0005.jpg 2016-08-24_0006.jpg 2016-08-24_0007.jpg The stunning b r i d e. 2016-08-24_0008.jpg 2016-08-24_0009.jpg I love working with these girls!2016-08-24_0010.jpg 2016-08-24_0011.jpg 2016-08-24_0012.jpg 2016-08-24_0013.jpg 2016-08-24_0014.jpg 2016-08-24_0015.jpg Alix had a sweet first look with her dad before he walked her down the aisle.2016-08-24_0016.jpg 2016-08-24_0017.jpg 2016-08-24_0018.jpg 2016-08-24_0019.jpg 2016-08-24_0020.jpg 2016-08-24_0022.jpg 2016-08-24_0023.jpg 2016-08-24_0024.jpg 2016-08-24_0025.jpg 2016-08-24_0026.jpg I was silently laughing when I discovered this during the ceremony...2016-08-24_0027.jpg 2016-08-24_0028.jpg 2016-08-24_0029.jpg 2016-08-24_0030.jpg 2016-08-24_0031.jpg 2016-08-24_0032.jpg 2016-08-24_0033.jpg 2016-08-24_0034.jpg 2016-08-24_0035.jpg 2016-08-24_0036.jpg 2016-08-24_0037.jpg 2016-08-24_0038.jpg 2016-08-24_0039.jpg 2016-08-24_0040.jpg2016-08-24_0041.jpg 2016-08-24_0042.jpg 2016-08-24_0043.jpg 2016-08-24_0044.jpg 2016-08-24_0045.jpg 2016-08-24_0046.jpg 2016-08-24_0047.jpg 2016-08-24_0048.jpg 2016-08-24_0049.jpg 2016-08-24_0050.jpg 2016-08-24_0051.jpg 2016-08-24_0052.jpg 2016-08-24_0053.jpg SUCH a clever idea that Alix's sister came up with! Grab a card and do what it says, take a Poloroid and hang it up! What a neat keepsake for the couple! 2016-08-24_0058.jpg2016-08-24_0055.jpg 2016-08-24_0056.jpg

2016-08-24_0059.jpg 2016-08-24_0060.jpg 2016-08-24_0061.jpg 2016-08-24_0062.jpg 2016-08-24_0063.jpg 2016-08-24_0064.jpg 2016-08-24_0065.jpg 2016-08-24_0066.jpg 2016-08-24_0067.jpg 2016-08-24_0068.jpg 2016-08-24_0069.jpg 2016-08-24_0070.jpg 2016-08-24_0071.jpg 2016-08-24_0072.jpg 2016-08-24_0073.jpg 2016-08-24_0074.jpg

Congratulations! That was one heck of a party! To view and download  ALL IMAGES, click HERE.