Alli + Colton | Married

I couldn't have been more thrilled to photograph Alli + Colton's wedding day. Some people are just meant to be together, and with Alli + Colton, it was as simple as that. It's couples like this one that reaffirm the fact that I get to work with the absolute best people. Alli is truly one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever met and Colton just adores her. Sharing their gorgeous wedding day with family and friends was such an honor. Enjoy the married life, Mr. + Mrs. Smith; it looks SO good on you!

2015-05-19_0001.jpg2015-05-19_0002.jpg2015-05-19_0003.jpg2015-05-19_0004.jpg2015-05-19_0012.jpg 2015-05-19_0013.jpg2015-05-19_0005.jpg 2015-05-19_0006.jpg 2015-05-19_0007.jpg 2015-05-19_0009.jpg2015-05-19_0008.jpg 2015-05-19_0010.jpg2015-05-19_0011.jpg 2015-05-19_0014.jpg 2015-05-19_0015.jpg 2015-05-19_0016.jpg 2015-05-19_0017.jpg 2015-05-19_0018.jpg 2015-05-19_00562015-05-19_0020.jpg 2015-05-19_0021.jpg 2015-05-19_0022.jpg 2015-05-19_0023.jpg 2015-05-19_0025.jpg 2015-05-19_0026.jpg 2015-05-19_0027.jpg 2015-05-19_0028.jpg 2015-05-19_0029.jpg 2015-05-19_0030.jpg 2015-05-19_0031.jpg 2015-05-19_0032.jpg 2015-05-19_0033.jpg 2015-05-19_00592015-05-19_0057 2015-05-19_00582015-05-19_0036 2015-05-19_00372015-05-19_0038 2015-05-19_0039 2015-05-19_0040 2015-05-19_0041 2015-05-19_0042 2015-05-19_0043 2015-05-19_0044 2015-05-19_0045 2015-05-19_0046 2015-05-19_0047 2015-05-19_0048 2015-05-19_0049 2015-05-19_0050 2015-05-19_0051 2015-05-19_0052 2015-05-19_00602015-05-19_0024.jpgThose were just some of my favorites! To view ALL photos from Alli + Colton's beautiful wedding day, CLICK HERE!