allison + tyson : july 9, 2011

1 down 1 to go! This was the second of our double header wedding weekend AND the second Thompson girl wedding that I've shot! It was so great to see everyone again - I absolutely love their family! Allison and Tyson got married at a little church in Atchison, Kansas. This is home to my alma mater, Benedictine College, where they held their reception! It was a perfect day full of lots of laughter and some ice cream too (it was hot, again)! We had so much fun shooting your wedding! Enjoy!

her parents drove away in this car for their very own wedding too! mr. thompson was trying to keep it in the shade all day...i just think it's hilarious that they get ready in these little kid classrooms!! how cute :) love this. it was sooo hot...we tried a few right outside the church then decided we had  a better cream! this is snowball - everyone in atchison knows this place for its awesome ice cream! we liked it for its air conditioning, too! it didn't last too long - they were troopers and wanted to keep venturing outside! allison you are stunning.allison's brother asked me to take this shot - he thought it looked like they were little cake toppers! HAHA!! i totally see it...i love this church!they had these on several of the tables...parents, siblings, grandparents. SUCH  a cool idea!!loved her bling!the first bouquet toss...we had to redo it when it hit the fan and went everywhere!! awesome!love this!