amy & john • married

Minnesotanegative 3º +      two of the most fun people ever __________________________ one amazing wedding!

When two people (and their families) as wonderful and laid-back as Amy + John come together to celebrate, you know it's going to be a perfect day! We were fully prepared for the typical Minnesota weather with hand and foot warmers and mittens. If only that actually helped...BRR! Despite the freezing cold weather, it was an absolute blast to be a part of their big day. They were the BEST sports - totally willing to bear the elements to get some great photos! If you ask me, it was totally worth it! Congratulations to two people who couldn't be more perfect for each other!

Thanks to my lovely friend, Allie at One:One for helping me shoot this wedding day!

2015-03-08_0010.jpg 2015-03-08_0009.jpg 2015-03-08_0011.jpg 2015-03-08_0012.jpg 2015-03-08_0013.jpg 2015-03-08_0014.jpg 2015-03-08_0016.jpg2015-03-08_0015.jpg

2015-03-08_0017.jpg 2015-03-08_0018.jpg 2015-03-08_0019.jpg 2015-03-08_0020.jpg Amy is THE cutest! So excited to see her groom!! 2015-03-08_0021.jpg 2015-03-08_0022.jpg 2015-03-08_0023.jpg 2015-03-08_0024.jpg 2015-03-08_0025.jpg2015-03-08_0027.jpg 2015-03-08_0028.jpg 2015-03-08_0029.jpg 2015-03-08_0030.jpg 2015-03-08_0031.jpg 2015-03-08_0032.jpg 2015-03-08_0033.jpg 2015-03-08_0034.jpg 2015-03-08_0035.jpg 2015-03-08_0037.jpg2015-03-08_0036.jpg 2015-03-08_0038.jpg 2015-03-08_0039.jpg 2015-03-08_0040.jpg 2015-03-08_0041.jpg 2015-03-08_0042.jpg 2015-03-08_0043.jpg 2015-03-08_0044.jpg 2015-03-08_0045.jpg 2015-03-08_0046.jpg 2015-03-08_0047.jpg 2015-03-08_0048.jpg 2015-03-08_0049.jpg 2015-03-08_0050.jpg 2015-03-08_0051.jpg 2015-03-08_0052.jpg 2015-03-08_0053.jpg 2015-03-08_0054.jpg 2015-03-08_0056.jpg 2015-03-08_0055.jpg 2015-03-08_0058.jpg2015-03-08_0057.jpg2015-03-08_0059.jpg2015-03-08_0060.jpg

2015-03-08_0061.jpg 2015-03-08_0062.jpg 2015-03-08_0063.jpg 2015-03-08_0064.jpg 2015-03-08_0065.jpg 2015-03-08_0066.jpg 2015-03-08_0067.jpg 2015-03-08_0068.jpg 2015-03-08_0069.jpg 2015-03-08_0070.jpg 2015-03-08_0071.jpg 2015-03-08_0072.jpg 2015-03-08_0073.jpg Such a hilarious dance with the whole wedding party...not to be outdone by the baton-twirling moms!2015-03-08_0074.jpg 2015-03-08_0075.jpg 2015-03-08_0076.jpg 2015-03-08_0077.jpg 2015-03-08_0078.jpg 2015-03-08_0079.jpgTo view all images from their wedding day, CLICK HERE! OH! And did I mention how awesome these two are?! We went to the Ice Castles the day after their wedding to get some amazing photos! 2015-03-08_00832015-03-08_00842015-03-08_0082