Andy & Tyler • married

Andy and Tyler are two of the most kind and genuine people I've ever met. Together, they make such a great couple and I absolutely loved everything about photographing their wedding day! You two are so obviously in love and love photographs just beautifully. It's no surprise I had way too many favorites to narrow down for a "short" blogpost - oops - so basically here is the entire wedding day! I can't thank you both enough for entrusting me to capture such an amazing day. And I especially thank you for trusting me throughout the day. From going out on fire exits (Andy you rock!), to standing in a wet and potentially muddy field, to stopping at a parking lot because the trees there looked awesome - you guys allowed me to do what I love doing at my full capacity and I thank you for that! I wish you nothing but happieness and hope you enjoy reliving your most perfect day over and over through your wedding images!

2014-10-30_0003.jpg 2014-10-30_0004.jpg 2014-10-30_0005.jpg 2014-10-30_0006.jpg 2014-10-30_0007.jpg2014-10-30_0008.jpg 2014-10-30_0009.jpg 2014-10-30_0010.jpg 2014-10-30_0011.jpg 2014-10-30_0012.jpg 2014-10-30_0013.jpg 2014-10-30_0014.jpg 2014-10-30_0015.jpg 2014-10-30_0016.jpg 2014-10-30_0017.jpg 2014-10-30_0018.jpg 2014-10-30_0019.jpg Reading a letter from her almost husband...2014-10-30_0020.jpg 2014-10-30_0021.jpg2014-10-30_0022.jpg 2014-10-30_0023.jpg 2014-10-30_0024.jpg2014-10-30_0025.jpg 2014-10-30_0026.jpg 2014-10-30_0027.jpg 2014-10-30_0028.jpg 2014-10-30_0029.jpg 2014-10-30_0030.jpg 2014-10-30_0031.jpg 2014-10-30_0033.jpg 2014-10-30_0034.jpg 2014-10-30_0035.jpg When lifting a veil for a photo, don't pull too hard...haha!2014-10-30_0036.jpg 2014-10-30_0037.jpg 2014-10-30_0038.jpg 2014-10-30_0039.jpgAndy. Seriously. You are gorgeous. And lucky for those of us who know you, because you are equally as beautiful inside. 2014-10-30_0040.jpg 2014-10-30_0041.jpgAndy absolutely adores Miss Lauren and it is so obvious to see. I love this series of Andy seeing Lauren for the first time on their big day as a bride and flower girl! 2014-10-30_0042.jpg 2014-10-30_0043.jpg Playing tag with sis...2014-10-30_0044.jpg 2014-10-30_0045.jpg2014-10-30_0046.jpg 2014-10-30_0047.jpg 2014-10-30_0048.jpg2014-10-30_0049.jpg 2014-10-30_0050.jpgI never include photos where someone is blinking. But this next image isn't just a blink. This is Andy preparing herself for what is about to happen as she begins her walk down the aisle; you can just see she's holding her breath. 2014-10-30_0051.jpg 2014-10-30_0052.jpg 2014-10-30_0053.jpgThumbs up to Lauren during the ceremony - haha!2014-10-30_0054.jpg 2014-10-30_0055.jpg 2014-10-30_0056.jpg 2014-10-30_0057.jpg 2014-10-30_0058.jpg 2014-10-30_0059.jpg 2014-10-30_0060.jpg 2014-10-30_0061.jpg 2014-10-30_0062.jpg 2014-10-30_0063.jpg 2014-10-30_0064.jpg 2014-10-30_0065.jpg Checking out his brand new bling!2014-10-30_0066.jpg 2014-10-30_0067.jpg 2014-10-30_0068.jpg 2014-10-30_0070.jpg 2014-10-30_0071.jpg 2014-10-30_0072.jpg 2014-10-30_0073.jpg 2014-10-30_0074.jpg 2014-10-30_0075.jpg 2014-10-30_0076.jpg 2014-10-30_0077.jpg 2014-10-30_0078.jpgI knew I liked this wedding party right off the bat. Really, I did. But it absolutely sealed the deal when they all belted out Taylor Swift's "Our Song" at the top of their lungs. And. Knew. Every. Word. 2014-10-30_0079.jpg 2014-10-30_0080.jpgAbove: me asking if anyone had a phone they could take a selfie on. Followed by our epic selfie; Ellen's got nothing on us.

2014-10-30_0081.jpg 2014-10-30_0082.jpg 2014-10-30_0083.jpg 2014-10-30_0084.jpg

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