ashley + zach • married

What an amazing day! Wedding days are such an honor to photograph because not only do I get to capture the most important day of two peoples' lives, but I get to participate in all of the happiness and fun that comes with it! Ashley and Zach's wedding was all of that and more! They are such a genuine and sweet couple and so easy and fun to be around! There wedding day was filled with continuous laughs, happy tears, super cute cowboy boots, and a pretty hilarious wedding party. It was my honor to be a part of it!

Thank you to the wonderful Shana Drake for helping me photograph the big day!

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I don't think I could love this selfie with mom more!blog1-13aa blog1-13b blog1-14 blog1-15 blog1-17 blog1-18blog1-19 blog1-20a blog1-21 blog1-21a blog1-21b blog1-21c blog1-22 blog1-24 blog1-25 blog1-26 blog1-27 blog1-30 blog1-32 blog1-33a blog1-35 blog1-36 blog1-38a blog1-39 blog1-40 blog1-42 blog1-44 blog1-45 blog1-47 blog1-48 blog1-49 blog1-51 blog1-52 blog1-53 blog1-54 blog1-55 blog1-56 blog1-57 blog1-58 blog1-59 blog1-60 blog1-61 blog1-62 blog1-64 blog1-66a blog1-67a blog1-67b blog1-68 Did I mention that the wedding party was hilarious? Because that's an understatement...blog1-68a blog1-68b blog1-69I don't know who in the world thought to bring silly string...but you are the coolest! So fun!

blog1-72 blog1-73 blog1-75 blog1-75a blog1-76 blog1-77 blog1-77aA serenade to his daughter and a speech on his laptop; Bruce, you're alright with me! blog1-80 blog1-81

And then there was the puppy joke. So hilarious. For proof see the following photos; I'm pretty sure the entire room was dying of laughter at this point. blog1-82 blog1-85 blog1-86 Love the mother/son-father/daughter dances! Zach had mom in tears; so sweet! blog1-89 blog1-90 blog1-91 This kid won the dance floor: blog1-91fblog1-91a blog1-94 blog1-96 blog1-97

Congratulations you two! It was an absolute blast to be a part of your happy day!