billie jean + lucas : married

There is no greater honor than to photograph a friend's most important day - their wedding day.I went to college in Kansas with both Billie Jean & Lucas. We studied abroad in Italy together and I lived with Billie Jean the semester after. You will not find anyone nicer than Billie Jean and anyone more hysterical than Lucas (unless it’s Lucas with all of his groomsmen - they had me laughing all day). My brother, husband, and I drove up to South Dakota for this wedding between two wonderful people and families. It was by far one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. The whole weekend was a nonstop blast! It was absolutely stunning there! It was my pleasure to be a part of your day, it was perfect in every way and I had the absolute best time, I could not have been happier to be able to celebrate with you!  I hope to come visit you in Washington DC ... Miller 2012! Love you guys!

i apologize (kind of) in advance for the length (oops...), but of course we have to start with some pretty staple shots of my first visit to South Dakota!

what i loved most about these people is that the entire day was full of was contagious! above left: the boys watching videos on their phones trying to figure out how to fold the little hanky in their pocket!

below: iPhone photo shoot! loved these guys! such a sweet first look :) more laughing :) you are so beautiful, billie jean!! boys' epic shot...the girls' epic shot......then they crumbled into laughter! haha!! loved it! their new last name... too perfect?people kept honking at them...they were lovin it! love. CUTEST couple (besides the bride & groom, OBviously!). This is Billie Jean's little brother and his best friend - he waved at everyone as he walked down the aisle :) SUCH a neat venue! BC tradition. yesssss...congratulations you two!! what an amazing way to start the rest of your lives :)