brooke + john : married

Brooke and John are seriously awesome. thats the only way to put it. if i told you i loved this wedding - it still wouldn’t do it justice. Not only was it held in a beautiful church, St. Ambrose Cathedral downtown, and ended with a gorgeous reception at the Savory Hotel - but the people involved were a blast! I had so much fun hanging out with the wedding party - they were a blast during and in between photos! Not to mention Brooke & John were literally the most laid back bride and groom ever. Nothing bothered them on their big day. Even when their limo didn’t show up for awhile after it was expected; they didn’t panic (the driver did show up eventually; he got lost). If I could offer any piece of advice to a couple planning their wedding it would be that: Chill. It’s a crazy day full of chaos - but it’s an awesome day and every moment should be taken in. That’s what these two did. They just had fun with the friends and family they were with wherever they were. It was absolutely my pleasure to photograph your special day! I know you two will be so happily married! Enjoy these images and congratulations!!

yay! the limo guy showed up!!i love it when a groom wears his ring for the first time; and i love it when everyone is enamored by it! gong fu tea, anyone? one of their dates was here :) they model. no bd.bahah! i love this; we cheered on some bikers! :) you two are stinkin this group that we got to get up high enough to get this shot with downtown dsm! (have i ever mentioned this is one of my favorite parts about my job ;))...i can't even get over how good her hair held up!! it still looks perfect! haha!i just love this!! iowa state lovin...

CONGRATULATIONS! Much love and best wishes!

On a side note of things to think about when planning your day: GET A BUBBLE MACHINE. Holy awesome it was amazing. I'm pretty sure the "adults" liked it just as much - if not more - than the kids. A must for sure. :)