cassie + john : married

Cassie and John had a beautiful family-filled wedding in Kansas City. The church was packed with family and friends and the ceremony was quite amazing in and of itself! While inside, it completely down-poured! Luckily, by the end of the ceremony and for their procession out - it ended! We rode around in an awesome limo sneaking in a few photos...then running into the limo to escape the rain...sneaking in some more...running away from the monsoon some more. It was such a fun day; nothing seemed to bother John and Cassie! They had so much fun just being together and being married! The reception reiterated the was hysterical! Check out the reception photos to see exactly what I'm talking about...

Congratulations, Cassie and John! I am so happy for you both and was so happy to be a part of your big day!

one of her bridesmaids writing her a letter while at the salon. its a tradition between their group of it! cassie. you are beautiful.admiring the bride.ok. so i love your guys' friends. (air guitar: win.)remember that monsoon i talked about? yeah. it leaked through the roof of the limo. don't worry, these guys saved the day.elevator shot! ow!ow!(love)cassie's mom and friends watching cassie dancing with her dad. so sweet. so pretty much this is when things start to get a little crazy. first, gentlemen drinking Jameson whiskey...straight out of the bottle. then Dom deciding he didn't like the reception decorations anymore... then there's this guy: TALENT.and of course, during the sandstorm techno song - fake basketball playing (the groom is clearly balancing a spinning basketball here). then they played...leap frog?and several people "hung out" on the floor...epic.