Chelsea + Joel | Married

As soon as I met Chelsea and Joel, I knew their wedding would be simply amazing.  Her excitement for their big day combined with the way he looked at her was recipe for a perfect day and it definitely was! The girls got ready at Chelsea's summer home on the lake and that's where Joel got to see his stunning bride for the first time on their wedding day. It was all so appropriate because Lake Panorama is where they really started to get to know each other and where they would spend so many of their summers together.

All of their history on this lake made it extra special to be able to have their wedding in Panora and to even be able to go out on the lake boating and hanging out with friends! It was a beautiful thing to witness Chelsea + Joel become husband and wife and they gave me the best opportunities with photos on the lake as well as at sunset to capture the happiest day of their lives!

Congratulations, Mr + Mrs Hicks! 2015-08-21_0002.jpg 2015-08-21_0003.jpg 2015-08-21_0001.jpg 2015-08-21_0004.jpg 2015-08-21_0005.jpg 2015-08-21_0007.jpg 2015-08-21_0006.jpg 2015-08-21_0008.jpg 2015-08-21_0009.jpg 2015-08-21_0010.jpg 2015-08-21_0011.jpg 2015-08-21_0012.jpg 2015-08-21_0013.jpg 2015-08-21_0014.jpg 2015-08-21_0015.jpg 2015-08-21_0016.jpg 2015-08-21_0017.jpg 2015-08-21_0018.jpg 2015-08-21_0019.jpg 2015-08-21_0027.jpg 2015-08-21_0028.jpg 2015-08-21_0029.jpg 2015-08-21_0030.jpg 2015-08-21_0031.jpg 2015-08-21_0032.jpg 2015-08-21_0033.jpg 2015-08-21_0034.jpg 2015-08-21_0035.jpg 2015-08-21_0036.jpg 2015-08-21_0037.jpg 2015-08-21_0038.jpg 2015-08-21_0039.jpg 2015-08-21_0040.jpg 2015-08-21_0041.jpg 2015-08-21_0042.jpg 2015-08-21_0043.jpg 2015-08-21_0044.jpg 2015-08-21_0045.jpg 2015-08-21_0046.jpg 2015-08-21_0047.jpg 2015-08-21_0048.jpg 2015-08-21_0049.jpg 2015-08-21_0050.jpg 2015-08-21_0051.jpg 2015-08-21_0052.jpg 2015-08-21_0053.jpg

To view ALL photos from Chelsea + Joel's beautiful wedding, CLICK HERE!  Thanks to Brandon Comstock of Bee C Photography for helping me photograph this perfect day!