corey + dustin : july 2, 2011

i couldn't wait to get this post up!! this is one from over a month ago that I've been saving to debut on my new site! corey and dustin flew me out to the lovely colorado back in july to shoot their mountainside wedding! it was an amazing experience! i had only met corey & dustin once before when they booked me so it was great to finally really get to know them. allie and i arrived on friday and as corey decorated, dustin was in charge of hanging out with us girls. needless to say we spent a lot of time together driving up to the mountains to check out the location. allie, my lovely second shooter is always full of questions. she asked what dustin's favorite thing was about colorado. "the weather" he replied. ironic. the next day for their ceremony it poured. and then hailed. it was pretty amazing as the rest of the day was perfect. it was also pretty hilarious - the ceremony was still beautiful and full of lots of laughs...and wet clothes. I don't think Corey ever thought her parasol would come in so handy! Despite the pinging of hail off of my camera - we made it through. Almost immediately after it stopped. I've never seen such better sports!! Corey & Dustin were such a blast to hang out with all day and i am honored that I was able to photograph your day! Congratulations to you both!

Starting out the day at Starbucks...not too shabby!

this place was awesome!i thought this fit well...thanks to allie who hung out with the boys all morning! she did an awesome job capturing the guys while i was with the gals! how awesome is this?! he got to borrow it from his grandma & grandpa! corey is so crafty! she found her perfect shoes but they didn't have enough bling for her. so. she added her own! awesome!!photo below by alliecorey walking down the side of the one could see her until she got to her aisle! how cool!photo below by allielove this...and the rain starts - dustin's nice best man found him an umbrella :) the AWESOME is this place?!despite hail - the new mr & mrs!!how awesome is this bouquet! again...homemade by corey herself! (photo below by allie)much more comfortable..her awesome homemade candy bar!