dear brides and grooms...

Allie at One:One Creatives is practically my other half when it comes to shooting and this past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely couple as a second shooter for her!Being a part of that day in a different way than I am used to allowed me a unique perspective and has made me think about just what I do as a wedding photographer. of course, it also made me think a lot about you - the brides & grooms that I will photograph this year. Forgive me if I ramble, I never was much of a writer - which is what propelled me into taking pictures to begin with. However, I felt like the images from this past weekend needed some explanation. You see, we spend so much time planning such an incredible day that by the time it finally rolls around we sometimes lose sight of what the intention was. Sometimes, between the choosing, dressing, decorating, pinterest-ing, scheduling, chatting, and everything else it takes to pull of this kind of event, we forget why we started all that hard work in the first place. But remember: You're getting married. You're about to commit everything that is you to someone else. Completely. You're about to say you'll love them no matter what. Forever. That's pretty big.  And on that day - after all is said and done and you can't bag any more party favors or adjust any more chair covers - you are the one that can decide how your wedding day will be remembered.  I think this couple did an amazing job.

 BE EXCITED! • Remember that part about being with someone forever and ever? Well - this is the first day of that forever! It's ok to be emotional!

 BE CONFIDENT! • You look absolutely stunning and your groom won't be able to take his eyes off of you! (Trust me...)

 BE HAPPY! • The ceremony is where it all happens...including your first kiss ;) Make it a good one! And leave happier than you came. After all, you have something you didn't have before you entered - a spouse! 

BE TOGETHER! • As a photographer, I want to capture who you and your better half are when you're with each other! Sure, we may have to pose some shots or adjust an arm - but the best images are when you are enjoying being together. I promise, if I need you to look at me or move a certain way, I'll let you know. But you can trust that I'm not going to ask you guys to pose when you look perfectly picturesque by simply being together! BE IN LOVE! • Get wrapped up - not necessarily in a veil (though that clearly works too) - but in each other! Enjoy every second and forget everyone else is there. This is your wedding day. There will most likely be people waiting on you. Your veil could tear. It could downpour. Your groom's pants could rip down the seam less than an hour before the ceremony. You could forget to make programs until the morning of. Your limo could have a leaky roof - its ok! Things may go wrong but  long as you're focused on each other, you won't even notice that something is anything less than perfect. and for the love of pete - WOO HER! Sweep her off of her feet! As long as she's got you it won't matter what the day brings - it'll only matter that it's the beginning of a lifetime together.

Thank you to all of my past brides who have so graciously handled some of the crazy things that happened on their wedding day including the ones listed above. And thank you to my future couples - I absolutely cannot wait to document such an amazing day that you've spent so much dedication planning! Each wedding is like a new adventure for me! I am reminded every single time I shoot why I love what I do: because of you. You are truly what makes this job not a job at all! Thank you for reminding me what it is to be in love and remember what all the planning is for! I can't wait for this wedding season!

• • • • •