emily + brandon • married

Shooting a couple's wedding is such an honor. I am in charge of documenting their entire day and all of those in between moments. Shooting THIS particular couple's wedding was a blast. I knew it would be. I roomed with the gorgeous bride for a year in college and was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their St. Louis wedding day. Between her super fun personality and his go with the flow, always smiling attitude, the day couldn't have gone more perfectly! I can't thank you enough for including me in your wedding day. I hope you love your reliving your wedding day!

When I walked in to where the guys were getting ready and saw the little ring bearer fast asleep in the middle of the floor, I knew it would be a good day.


2014-11-13_0002.jpg 2014-11-13_0003.jpg THIS:2014-11-13_0004.jpg 2014-11-13_0005.jpg 2014-11-13_0006.jpg 2014-11-13_0007.jpg 2014-11-13_0008.jpg 2014-11-13_0009.jpg 2014-11-13_0010.jpg 2014-11-13_0086 2014-11-13_00872014-11-13_0012.jpg 2014-11-13_0013.jpg 2014-11-13_0014.jpg 2014-11-13_0015.jpg 2014-11-13_0016.jpg 2014-11-13_0017.jpg 2014-11-13_0018.jpg 2014-11-13_0019.jpg 2014-11-13_0020.jpg 2014-11-13_0021.jpg 2014-11-13_0022.jpg Emily + Brandon opted to not see each other before the ceremony but wanted to have a moment beforehand to pray together. I'm sure it was killing Brandon to not be able to turn around but it was such a beautiful moment!2014-11-13_0023.jpg 2014-11-13_0024.jpg 2014-11-13_0025.jpg 2014-11-13_0026.jpg 2014-11-13_0027.jpg 2014-11-13_0028.jpg How many cute kids can you incorporate into a wedding day, anyway?! 2014-11-13_0029.jpg 2014-11-13_0030.jpg 2014-11-13_0031.jpg 2014-11-13_0032.jpgLove her anticipation watching her guests arrive... 2014-11-13_0033.jpg 2014-11-13_0034.jpg 2014-11-13_0035.jpg 2014-11-13_0036.jpg 2014-11-13_0037.jpg 2014-11-13_0038.jpg 2014-11-13_0039.jpg2014-11-13_0040.jpg 2014-11-13_0041.jpgThis kid: 2014-11-13_0042.jpg 2014-11-13_0043.jpg 2014-11-13_0044.jpg 2014-11-13_0045.jpg 2014-11-13_0046.jpg 2014-11-13_0047.jpg 2014-11-13_0048.jpg 2014-11-13_0049.jpg 2014-11-13_0050.jpg 2014-11-13_0051.jpg 2014-11-13_0052.jpg 2014-11-13_0053.jpg 2014-11-13_0054.jpg 2014-11-13_0055.jpg 2014-11-13_0056.jpg 2014-11-13_0057.jpg 2014-11-13_0058.jpg 2014-11-13_0059.jpg 2014-11-13_0060.jpg 2014-11-13_0061.jpg 2014-11-13_0063.jpg 2014-11-13_0064.jpg 2014-11-13_0065.jpg 2014-11-13_0066.jpgSelfie with the bride and groom - ha!

2014-11-13_0067.jpg 2014-11-13_0068.jpg 2014-11-13_0069.jpg 2014-11-13_0070.jpg 2014-11-13_0071.jpg 2014-11-13_0072.jpg 2014-11-13_0073.jpg 2014-11-13_0074.jpg 2014-11-13_0075.jpg 2014-11-13_0076.jpg 2014-11-13_0077.jpg 2014-11-13_0078.jpg 2014-11-13_0079.jpgI love this! Instead of doing a first dance with his mom, they played catch together to "Little Boy, Baseball Bat". Baseball is such a huge part of Brandon's life and it was such a sweet and meaningful moment, especially when dad joined in. 2014-11-13_0080.jpg 2014-11-13_0081.jpg 2014-11-13_0082.jpg 2014-11-13_0083.jpg 2014-11-13_0084.jpg

Congratulations to the happy couple! To view all photos, CLICK HERE.