emily + shea : engaged

This was probably one of my favorite shoots of all time. its nothing personal - but that pretty lady is my sister! emily and shea are going to get married THIS february and i could not be more excited for them! they are an amazing couple! i am honored to be a part of their big day and i was so excited to have the opportunity to be the one to photograph their engagement. Yes, they were the ones who got engaged on the side of a mountain during our family vacation. Awesome. I know. Good work, Shea! Enjoy this quick preview! I am so happy for you guys!!

standard...love this...loooove this one...its so emily & shea :) E - you are sooooo gorgeous! glad we're related (even though we look nothing alike!!) :) iowa natives - woot!emily thought she wanted a "sitting in the tree" picture...i think this turned out well?! :Dlovethe soon to be...mr & mrs. KELLY!! craziness...love you guys so much! congrats again!!