jackie + jeff : married

Jackie & Jeff are 2 of the coolest people that I know. Seriously. Jackie can have a good time at any place or anytime and Jeff brews beer in his apartment. These two biology geeks met and fell in love at Benedictine and have been dating since as long as I've known them. They are dear friends to John and I and it was such an honor to photograph their wedding day!

And what an amazing day it was! Jackie is the absolute most laid back & down to earth person you will ever meet - her biggest concern was making sure everyone else would have an awesome time at her wedding. Her attitude made her day so much fun! We had a great time wandering around K State campus and finding hidden treasures like the Powell Bros. building. It was an absolutely perfect day filled with family, best friends, and a ridiculously fun reception. Party on, my friends - you are way too perfect for each other!

they're married! haha ... these guys were hilarious. the girls wanted to do the "Bridesmaids" movie and then had Jeff pose like Superman in front of the globe! love it!a favorite. dang i love these colors.  some powell sibs!a very literal picture. Jackie's new last name!everytime guests clinked for the bride & groom to kiss, Jackie & Jeff got to pick another couple to "out-kiss" them! such a cute idea!"raise your banners HIGH!" the BC fight song! :)

this picture makes me laugh everytime: congratulations!! SO HAPPY for you guys!