jen + joe : married

what. a. blast.anytime i get to have a little college reunion with a wedding as an excuse, i am ALL for it! I traveled to Minnesota for this particular wedding and it was absolutely amazing! i've never loved Minnesota as much as I did on their wedding day :) from getting ready at jen's home to amazing photos in downtown Wayzata as well as their stunning reception - it was perfect. But i'll let the pictures do the talking... their backyard...YES PLEASE:there is just something special about a bride getting ready in the place that she grew up. i absolutely love that.jen! you are an exquisite bride!!on to the ceremony! mama trying to get hudson (who kept tripping over his own feet) to the front of the church - with a little help from the official Ring Bearer moments like these during the ceremony...had to include this family photo - all the kopp siblings, spouses, and kids. you guys are freakin' awesome. i promise we got formal photos...but i opted to include these ones... you know you're in minnesota when...thanks to the guy who let us on his boat!!love: weeping willows are underrated.the BC BUNCH!i have no idea why this happened. but i have never been so grateful to have a camera...jen's dad's heartwarming speech..."Jen, we want what YOU have!"followed by big sis & matron of honor's speech. who had no problem reading jen's old diary entries from high school and calling out joe for being flirty back then... hysterical! but not to be out done by best man and joe's little brother for reminiscing about their childhood and joe being a superhero. too bad joe didn't think to invest in a better thought out costume. i just hope those are clean...and now...THE PARTY:(funny story: jen's sister & sister-in-law were dancing the best choreography I've ever seen to taylor swifts 'love story' song - during these photos they were busting out the "...he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said 'marry me, juliette'" ... well long story short, erin just delivered her beautiful baby girl this week and her name is juliette! i just though it was ironic they were singing to her :) . love the moves, girls)congratulations to an amazing amazing couple!