julia + mark • married

This day was as good as it gets.

As a photographer, it was an amazing day. Julia got ready at her gorgeous home. We were able to take photos of her and her bridesmaids outside which was perfectly picturesque. She even asked her stepdad not to mow so that it would look overgrown and better for photos. I loved that! Better yet, we got to go to downtown Stillwater which is a beautiful, charming little town. The venue was incredible and complete with a little garden where we were able to take photos as the sun set. It was a photographer's dream day.

As a friend, it was even more amazing to be a part of Julia + Mark's wedding day. Julia is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met and Mark is so kind and down to earth. The love you have for each other is so obvious.I am so thrilled for you both and can't thank you enough for allowing me to share such a beautiful day with you!

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That moment when the youngest brother is the only one that knows how to tie a bow tie...adorable! pblog-14 pblog-17 pblog-18 pblog-19 pblog-20 pblog-21 pblog-22 pblog-23 pblog-25 pblog-26 pblog-27 pblog-28 pblog-30 pblog-31 pblog-32 pblog-33 pblog-34 pblog-35 pblog-36 pblog-38 pblog-39 pblog-40 pblog-41 pblog-42 pblog-43pblog-46 They chose not to see each other beforehand but got to exchange a couple of words and a Julia gave Mark a gift right before the ceremony.pblog-50 pblog-52 pblog-53 pblog-55 pblog-59pblog-61 pblog-63-pblog3-5 -pblog3-7 -pblog3-8-pblog3-9-pblog3-16pblog-65pblog-66pblog-67-pblog3-1pblog-74pblog-70 pblog-75 pblog-77 pblog-78 pblog-79 pblog-80 pblog-81 pblog-82 The exact spot where Mark proposed...cue a romantic gondola for the background...pblog-84 pblog-85 pblog-86 pblog-87 pblog-88 pblog-89 pblog-93 pblog-94 pblog-95 pblog-97 pblog-98 pblog-99 pblog2-0 pblog2-1 pblog2-16 pblog2-30 pblog2-32pblog2-38 pblog2-44 pblog2-50 pblog2-53 pblog2-54 pblog2-56 pblog3-2 pblog3-4

Congratulations again! CLICK HERE to view all images.