Kacie + Ian | Married | Cabo San Lucas

There is just something amazing and perfect about a beach wedding.Maybe it's the fact that we all live in Iowa. Don't get me wrong, I love my hometown. But I always welcome a little change of scenery. I explained to the locals we met who didn't know where Iowa was that we are in the middle of the United States. No ocean. No mountains. They seemed to understand after that description why couples come to their lovely city for a destination wedding!

Lovely, indeed! Cabo has the most beautiful beaches and an endless view of the ocean. It was a perfect place for Kacie + Ian to tie the knot!  I could photograph these two all day; the love they have for each other is so obvious and it's just easy for them to be together. I swear they laughed that whole day. A simple ceremony with 30 of the couples' closest family and friends was just the beginning of a great night. Everyone danced the night away on a beachside terrace and Ian + Kacie returned home as Mr + Mrs. Congratulations to the happiest couple!

(CLICK HERE to see photos from all of the fun we had the day before the wedding, including a beach bonfire and luminaries!) 2015-04-24_0010.jpg

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