kaitlyn + frank : married

have i told you lately that i love my job?because i do. and its because of people like Kaitlyn and Frank. They invited me up to New Ulm, Minnesota to shoot their wedding and I had no idea how much I would love this little town! Everything was absolutely stunning from the Mass to the detail receptions. It represented them perfectly. The best part? The reception tables were marked with pictures that the couple themselves took when they were in Italy because (drumroll): that's where Frank proposed!! She was studying abroad and he flew over to ask her to marry him. If that's not beyond perfect I just don't know what is.

I would apologize for such a long post but I can't stop gawking at their wedding day awesomeness! My favorite photo friend Allie with One:One Creatives was able to join me for the big day too and we just had an absolute blast!! See for yourself...lovely reception details by Allie at the Hope and Healing Centertwo images below by Allie love Allie's shot belowbah! i love this. Kaitlyn you are simply stunning! they chose not to see each other beforehand but wanted to exchange letters that they wrote to each other - Kaitlyn decided this would be a good way to do it...beautiful shots above and below by Allie. below right image by allieyes please:and come on - you've got to love some aviator action!!epic groomsmen shots above and sassy ladies below by Allie. Im not going to pretend I know what's going on with that fake deer - but I think its hilariousi feel like i need to prepare you for this. yes, its a peacock. yes, it's real. and no, I have no idea why on earth why peacocks roam a brewery. ok. carry on...5 kids and a peacock by Allie :) in love with Allie's shot belowfavorite. cake. of. all. time. and the party begins with, duh, a choreographed dance!

thank you for letting us celebrate your love! you guys are an amazing couple - what a perfect way to start your marriage! :)