liz + aaron • married

I have been friends with Aaron's family since as long as I can remember.I grew up having slumber parties with his sisters and playing SPUD in their backyard. So when he introduced my husband and me to Liz, I knew this was it. The way he acted around her and the way she talked about him; you could just tell they were crazy about each other.

Aaron and Liz, it was SUCH an honor to be a part of your big day. Not just your wedding...but your proposal (still can't believe you pulled that one off without her knowing!) and engagement too! You are beyond perfect together and I'm excited to see what your future holds!

Thanks to my lovely second shooter: Brooke Pavel

blogsweers-4blogsweers-0 blogsweers-1 blogsweers-8a blogsweers-11 blogsweers-12 blogsweers-15 blogsweers-19 blogsweers-19a blogsweers-19b blogsweers-20 Such a sweet first look: blogsweers-21 blogsweers-28 blogsweers-31 blogsweers-34a blogsweers-37 blogsweers-38 blogsweers-40 blogsweers-40a blogsweers-41 blogsweers-41a blogsweers-42Love the one above of Aaron and his mama before the ceremony and below; Liz's immediate family...SO FUN!

blogsweers-43 blogsweers-45 adorable are all of these flower girls and boys!

blogsweers-47 blogsweers-48a blogsweers-56 blogsweers-57 blogsweers-58 blogsweers-59 blogsweers-61blogsweers-63 blogsweers-65aLittle Izzy particularly enjoyed the ceremony - ha! TOO funny! blogsweers-66 blogsweers-70 blogsweers-71 blogsweers-71a blogsweers-72 I had WAY too much fun with this bridal party! You guys were a blast!! blogsweers-73 blogsweers-75 blogsweers-76 Talk about a photographer's dream location! Small town Ida Grove is so lovely! blogsweers-77 blogsweers-78 blogsweers-79 blogsweers-81 blogsweers-81a blogsweers-85 blogsweers-87 blogsweers-88b blogsweers-89 blogsweers-90 blogsweers-92 blogsweers-96 blogsweers-97 blogsweers-98 blogsweers-99 blogsweers-100 blogsweers-101 blogsweers-102 blogsweers-103a blogsweers-104 blogsweers-107 blogsweers-114Congratulations! I am absolutely THRILLED for you two!  blogsweers-150

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