Lizzy + Mike | Married

What an honor to work with such a fun-loving couple! In all the weddings I've photographed, I've never had one where it rained quite literally all day! Scattered showers are one thing - but it was windy, cold, and rained nonstop! Lizzy and Mike could not have cared less, though! They were thrilled to get married and nothing else mattered! It was an absolutely perfect day because of that. Not to mention their beautiful details, fun wedding party, amazingly welcoming family, and the obvious love these two have for each other. What a dream day to be a part of. Thank you for letting me tell your story with these photos!

2016-06-01_0003.jpg 2016-06-01_0002.jpg 2016-06-01_0001.jpg 2016-06-01_0004.jpg 2016-06-01_0005.jpg 2016-06-01_0006.jpg 2016-06-01_0007.jpg 2016-06-01_0008.jpg 2016-06-01_0009.jpg 2016-06-01_0010.jpg 2016-06-01_0016.jpg 2016-06-01_0013.jpg 2016-06-01_0014.jpg 2016-06-01_0012.jpg 2016-06-01_0019.jpg 2016-06-01_0020.jpg 2016-06-01_0021.jpg 2016-06-01_0022.jpg 2016-06-01_0023.jpg 2016-06-01_0024.jpg 2016-06-01_0025.jpg 2016-06-01_0026.jpg 2016-06-01_0015.jpg 2016-06-01_0017.jpg 2016-06-01_0018.jpg 2016-06-01_0027.jpg 2016-06-01_0028.jpg 2016-06-01_0029.jpg 2016-06-01_0030.jpg 2016-06-01_0031.jpg 2016-06-01_0032.jpg 2016-06-01_0033.jpg 2016-06-01_0034.jpg 2016-06-01_0035.jpg 2016-06-01_0036.jpg 2016-06-01_0037.jpg 2016-06-01_0038.jpg 2016-06-01_0039.jpg 2016-06-01_0040.jpg 2016-06-01_0041.jpg 2016-06-01_0042.jpg 2016-06-01_0043.jpg 2016-06-01_0044.jpg 2016-06-01_0045.jpg 2016-06-01_0046.jpg 2016-06-01_0047.jpg 2016-06-01_0048.jpg There's always those one or two guys who don't know what to do with their hands...HA!2016-06-01_0049.jpg 2016-06-01_0050.jpg 2016-06-01_0051.jpg 2016-06-01_0052.jpg 2016-06-01_0053.jpg 2016-06-01_0054.jpg 2016-06-01_0055.jpg 2016-06-01_0056.jpg 2016-06-01_0057.jpg 2016-06-01_0058.jpg 2016-06-01_0059.jpg 2016-06-01_0060.jpg 2016-06-01_0061.jpg 2016-06-01_0062.jpg 2016-06-01_0063.jpg 2016-06-01_0064.jpg 2016-06-01_0065.jpg 2016-06-01_0066.jpg 2016-06-01_0067.jpg 2016-06-01_0068.jpg 2016-06-01_0069.jpg 2016-06-01_0070.jpg 2016-06-01_0071.jpg 2016-06-01_0072.jpg 2016-06-01_0073.jpg 2016-06-01_0074.jpg 2016-06-01_0075.jpg 2016-06-01_0076.jpg 2016-06-01_0077.jpg 2016-06-01_0078.jpg 2016-06-01_0079.jpg 2016-06-01_0080.jpg 2016-06-01_0081.jpg 2016-06-01_0082.jpg 2016-06-01_0083.jpg

2016-06-01_0085.jpg CONGRATS, you two! These are some of my favorites! To view ALL photos from Lizzy + Mike's beautiful wedding day, CLICK HERE!

Nieto6-61 Special thanks to Kelsey for helping me photograph the big day!