Marie + Mike | Married

It's kind of a strange feeling when your younger brother gets married. Something about it makes you feel a little older, a little nostalgic, and a lot happy. Marie + Mike are quite the pair. He never fails to make her laugh and she is always quick with a witty comeback.  What an honor to be able to photograph a beautiful day comprised of thoughtful and lovely details, a ceremony in an incredibly ornate church, and a fun outdoor rooftop reception (with a random torrential downpour in between)! Congratulations to the newlyWADS!

2016-06-08_0001.jpg 2016-06-08_0002.jpg 2016-06-08_0003.jpg 2016-06-08_0005.jpg 2016-06-08_0006.jpg 2016-06-08_0004.jpg 2016-06-08_0007.jpg 2016-06-08_0008.jpg 2016-06-08_0009.jpg 2016-06-08_0010.jpg 2016-06-08_0011.jpg 2016-06-08_0012.jpg 2016-06-08_0013.jpg 2016-06-08_0014.jpg 2016-06-08_0015.jpg 2016-06-08_0016.jpg 2016-06-08_0017.jpg Waiting for his bride...2016-06-08_0019.jpg 2016-06-08_0021.jpg 2016-06-08_0020.jpg 2016-06-08_0022.jpg 2016-06-08_0023.jpg 2016-06-08_0024.jpg 2016-06-08_0025.jpg 2016-06-08_0026.jpg 2016-06-08_0027.jpg 2016-06-08_0028.jpg 2016-06-08_0029.jpg 2016-06-08_0030.jpg 2016-06-08_0031.jpg 2016-06-08_0032.jpg 2016-06-08_0033.jpg 2016-06-08_0034.jpg 2016-06-08_0035.jpg 2016-06-08_0036.jpg 2016-06-08_0037.jpg 2016-06-08_0038.jpg 2016-06-08_0039.jpg When your older brother calls you to wish you a happy wedding day and apologize for not being able to be there because his daughter was born that same morning - ha! See, I got a picture of you, Charlie! 2016-06-08_0040.jpg 2016-06-08_0041.jpg 2016-06-08_0042.jpg 2016-06-08_0043.jpg 2016-06-08_0044.jpg The crazy wind + rain stopped just in time for us to stop at the St. Louis staple - Ted Drewe's!2016-06-08_0045.jpg 2016-06-08_0046.jpg 2016-06-08_0047.jpg 2016-06-08_0048.jpg 2016-06-08_0049.jpg 2016-06-08_0050.jpg 2016-06-08_0051.jpg 2016-06-08_0052.jpg 2016-06-08_0053.jpg 2016-06-08_0054.jpg 2016-06-08_0055.jpg 2016-06-08_0056.jpg 2016-06-08_0057.jpg 2016-06-08_0058.jpg 2016-06-08_0059.jpg 2016-06-08_0060.jpg 2016-06-08_0061.jpg 2016-06-08_0062.jpg 2016-06-08_0063.jpg 2016-06-08_0064.jpg 2016-06-08_0065.jpg Congratulations, Mike + Marie! To view ALL images and download your own favorites - CLICK HERE! 2016-06-08_0066.jpg