mclean + victoria : married

not only am i in love with this couple but i am in love with everything about their wedding day.this girl puts Pinterest to shame!! She did everything for her wedding by hang - including sewing her invitations and church programs in addition to making  adorable fabric flowers for her 10 little flower girls...all while in dental school. You go, girl!

Long post ahead - but thats what happens when your wedding day is full of awesome people!every program was different!...and sewed together!she made all of the hair pieces on the left...this needs no words other than: I LOVE MY JOB... these next 2 are my all time favorite groomsmen pics...these guys are awesome.thumbs up to the tourists taking pictures of...them!PLANKING = EPIC. when the wedding party tells you they want to plank - you do not question it. stunning! beautiful girls!2 little ring bearers and 10 flower girls - so adorable!all the severson boys!you guys are fantastic....not to be outdone by the ladies, though!you guys are SUCH  a beautiful couple!these boys can handle it.UHmazing venue!oh look, more homemade stuff by victoria...and yet again -homemade table numbers ... so dang clever because their venue is a library! all the flower girls!i cannot get over these guys. hysterical. all night. mr & mrs severson & all of their dental student classmates!love:the always safe spontaneous groom throw! congratulations to you both!!