melissa + patrick : married

these two got married on july 30th and it was seriously a perfect day! I went to college with both melissa and patrick and studied abroad in italy with melissa. it was so amazing to be a part of their big day! their wedding party was an absolute blast! they were up for anything which made my job quite fun! it was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was a BLAST...check out the dance pictures :) Thanks so much you guys! Congratulations!!i love that melissa let the girls pick their own hair piece! super cute and adds a unique accent!melissa's first wedding present...nice. love this one - melissa you are so gorgeous!patrick made this canoe for melissa while he was abroad...awww this kid was stinkin adorable - what a ham :) this church is SO pretty!they're married! now ... party time!these guys were hilarious.melissa's dad has a jewelry store in st. charles where we were shooting - we had to stop by the shop!her maid of honor made this for them! how cool is that!!classic!i loooove her ring! probably not a bad thing to have a jeweler for a dad?! of my favorite toss shots! i just love melissa's expression - among the rest of the girls'! :) check out grandma on the left - LOVE it!oh holly. she was showing me how to ... crump? chump? crunk? i don't remember what it was called. regardless - it was amazing holly! :D ahhh the infamous benedictine college tradition (above and below). Don't ask. It may be one of the weirdest things ever. No. It IS the weirdest tradition ever. But it produces pretty awesome pictures!all of the BC alum! wahoo!patrick's brother may have done the best worm e v e r . please take note of his keys...then the groom hit the dance floor!

needless to say - it was quite a blast! hope you guys are loving the married life!!