meredith + steve • married

What an amazing day!

Meredith and Steve were surrounded by family and friends as they celebrated their wedding day. And it really was just that: a celebration! From mimosas in the morning to a dance floor fueled by dueling pianos that was packed with epic dancers the entire evening; it was quite the party!  I knew that Meredith, who is an event planner and has unparalleled style, would have an incredible vision for her big day but nothing could have prepared me for how beautiful the result was! From the programs to the color scheme to the food stations and reception details - it all came together perfectly! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your love story from your super fun engagement shoot  to your amazing wedding day! Congratulations to you two; I couldn't be more honored to be a part of it.

Hair + Make up: VG Cosmetics Ceremony + Reception Venue: Scottish Rite Consistory Flowers: Something Chic Floral Thanks to my second shooter, Brooke Pavel!

nolanbp-2 nolanbp-3 nolanbp-4 nolanbp-6 nolanbp-7 nolanbp-16


They put their hashtag on their program! HA - love it! nolanbp-19 nolanbp-20 nolanbp-21 nolanbp-23 nolanbp-24 nolanbp-26 nolanbp-27 nolanbp-29This was most definitely the most hilarious First Look ever! Poor Steve, he was so excited to see his lovely bride that he turned around before she was down the steps! Even still, it was such a special and fun moment between them!

nolanbp-33 nolanbp-34 nolanbp-36 nolanbp-39nolanbp-40 nolanbp-45nolanbp-44 nolanbp-47 nolanbp-49 nolanbp-51 I absolutely LOVE this! These different colors AND styles look so great together! nolanbp-52 nolanbp-52a nolanbp-53 nolanbp-56 nolanbp-59 nolanbp-61 _nolanbp-9nolanbp-67 nolanbp-69 nolanbp-70_nolanbp-10 nolanbp-71 That moment when you sign the marriage license in the wrong spot; SO hilarious!nolanbp-72 nolanbp-74 nolanbp-76 nolanbp-79 nolanbp-82 nolanbp-83 nolanbp-84 nolanbp-85nolanbp-86 nolanbp-87nolanbp-87aThey had several different food stations. This one was my favorite: Asian Take-Out inspired by their first date complete with individual fortune cookies! Such a unique (AND TASTY) idea!

nolanbp-87b nolanbp-87c nolanbp-88 nolanbp-89 nolanbp-91a nolanbp-95a nolanbp-98 nolanbp-98a nolanbp-100a nolanbp-102a nolanbp-103 Note to self: Dueling pianos at a wedding reception = awesome. These guys had the dance floor full the entire night and at one point had EVERY SINGLE guest up dancing in a giant circle! nolanbp-104 nolanbp-107

Heads, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes "dance"... nolanbp-111 nolanbp-113 nolanbp-113a nolanbp-114 nolanbp-115 nolanbp-125 nolanbp-128 nolanbp-200

Congratulations to one of the most fun couples I know! View all images from their wedding day by clicking THIS LINK.