nana's 92 birthday!

i don't post a lot of personal stuff on my site, but i thought this was a worthy event :) this past weekend we celebrated the birthday of an amazing woman. My husband's grandma turned 92 on Sunday so of course we had to celebrate! I always have so much fun with my extended family and today was no different. I took a few pictures during our gathering and just had to post them! I loved her cake - we didn't quite have a 9. or a 2. So we improvised - upside-down 6 anyone?!

i have no idea what/why/how this next event happened but someone found a wig. and decided to put it on pretty much everyone that was there. i don't ask. i just take pictures.

of course the birthday girl had to join in...absolutely hysterical!

early was WAY too serious for the wig.

but Early did want some cake...i love this progression of only justin to several sets of arms grabbing the dog from the cake haha!

Justin - John's cousin from Oregon - is an amazing chef (SEE?!). We put him to work cutting the cake. Fancy. His little boy Becker is adorable! I just met all of them this past week!  ... finally!

After a hearty meal it was time to play football. This is a Wills standard. Nobody can sit still for too long. There was lots of laughing and lots of grass stains :)

cousins :) i decided to do a mini faux session with Becker. I had never met this little guy before because every time they visited Iowa, I was out of town. So what better way to get to know somebody than to take their portraits? I couldn't think of any. I love this kid. Pure awesome. And if you're wondering - he loves macaroni and cheese. We had deep conversations. cousin charlie :) he was chillyyyyuh oh mom stole Becker's football!