Nicole + Daniel • married

A day of the craziest weather (even for Iowa) couldn't put a damper on Nicole + Daniel's big day. I'm pretty sure the two of them couldn't stop smiling even if they tried; they were so thrilled to finally be at their wedding date: January 31, 2015. It seemed like forever ago that they got engaged and the excitement they shared was so obvious. From their giddy first look to many photos under umbrellas to the most perfect snowstorm we could ask for - Nicole + Daniel's wedding was the absolute best way to start 2015!

A special thanks to my talented friend who was wonderful enough to come visit from Minnesota to photograph this wedding with me! Allie at One:One is a true rockstar!

2015-02-10_0006.jpg 2015-02-10_0008.jpg 2015-02-10_0009.jpg2015-02-10_0007.jpg 2015-02-10_0010.jpg 2015-02-10_0011.jpg 2015-02-10_0012.jpg 2015-02-10_0013.jpg 2015-02-10_0014.jpg 2015-02-10_0015.jpg 2015-02-10_0016.jpg 2015-02-10_0017.jpg 2015-02-10_0018.jpgThe guys have it so much easier on a wedding morning...2015-02-10_0019.jpg

2015-02-10_0020.jpg2015-02-10_0021.jpg 2015-02-10_0023.jpg 2015-02-10_0022.jpg 2015-02-10_0024.jpg 2015-02-10_0025.jpg 2015-02-10_0026.jpg 2015-02-10_0027.jpg 2015-02-10_0028.jpg 2015-02-10_0029.jpg 2015-02-10_0030.jpg 2015-02-10_0031.jpg 2015-02-10_0032.jpg 2015-02-10_0033.jpg 2015-02-10_0034.jpg 2015-02-10_0036.jpg 2015-02-10_0037.jpg 2015-02-10_0038.jpg 2015-02-10_0039.jpg

I love that Nicole seemed to have a 'first look' with everyone in her family! First her dad saw her right after she put on her dress, then her brother saw her in the back of the church as Nicole was coming inside... 2015-02-10_0040.jpg…And Grandma was pretty surprised when she turned the corner to see a lovely Nicole in white!2015-02-10_0041.jpgFather-of-the-groom checking of his To-Do list. If you know Daniel, you know lists are of the upmost importance especially on a wedding day. 2015-02-10_0042.jpg 2015-02-10_0043.jpg 2015-02-10_0044.jpg 2015-02-10_0045.jpg 2015-02-10_0046.jpg 2015-02-10_0047.jpg 2015-02-10_0048.jpg 2015-02-10_0049.jpg 2015-02-10_0052.jpg 2015-02-10_0053.jpg 2015-02-10_0051.jpg 2015-02-10_0050.jpg 2015-02-10_0054.jpg 2015-02-10_0055.jpg 2015-02-10_0057.jpg 2015-02-10_0058.jpg 2015-02-10_0059.jpg 2015-02-10_0060.jpg 2015-02-10_0061.jpg 2015-02-10_0062.jpg 2015-02-10_0063.jpg 2015-02-10_0064.jpg 2015-02-10_0065.jpg 2015-02-10_0074.jpg 2015-02-10_0073.jpg 2015-02-10_0075.jpg 2015-02-10_0076.jpg 2015-02-10_0077.jpg 2015-02-10_0067.jpg 2015-02-10_0078.jpgWe were expecting snow - that's normal in Iowa in January!! - so when we had an entire afternoon of rain, it threw us for a loop. Lucky for us, Nicole could be as rugged as necessary with her white snow/rain/all weather boots (above)! 2015-02-10_0068.jpg 2015-02-10_0079.jpgWe kept going to places that have overhangs to keep us dry from the rain. At some point, we all got the attitude of "WHO CARES" (Maybe a little bit of Carpe Diem…YOLO...whatever you call being totally awesome despite uncontrollable circumstances), and these two love birds stomped through puddles, ditched their umbrella, and hung out in the rain. And I would argue it was so totally worth it: 2015-02-10_0081.jpg 2015-02-10_0082.jpg 2015-02-10_0083.jpg 2015-02-10_0069.jpg 2015-02-10_0070.jpg 2015-02-10_0071.jpg 2015-02-10_0084.jpg 2015-02-10_0072.jpg 2015-02-10_0091.jpg 2015-02-10_0090.jpg 2015-02-10_0092.jpg 2015-02-10_0093.jpg 2015-02-10_0094.jpgFather-of-the-groom telling the story of when Daniel ate dog food. Daniel would like to remind us all: "I WAS TWO": 2015-02-10_0095.jpg 2015-02-10_0096.jpg 2015-02-10_0097.jpg 2015-02-10_0098.jpg 2015-02-10_0099.jpg 2015-02-10_0100.jpg 2015-02-10_0101.jpg 2015-02-10_0102.jpg 2015-02-10_0103.jpg 2015-02-10_0104.jpgFINALLY - it began snowing. Within an hour we had several inches already on the ground. It was the worst snowstorm to drive home in but the absolute BEST snowstorm to take photos in. Everyone who has seen the snowstorm photos asks: "They let you take them out in THAT?!" Not only did they let me, they were possibly more excited to get out and play in the snow that I was! And was totally and completely worth it: 2015-02-10_0088.jpg 2015-02-10_0087.jpg 2015-02-10_0086.jpg

Congratulations Nicole + Daniel! To view ALL photos from the big day, CLICK HERE. You are also able to purchase prints from that link by clicking "BUY" in the upper right.