Paige + Mehdi | Married

These two have a pretty great love story.Des Moines girls meets a Paris guy in a New York bar. What are the odds? Better yet, they are completely head over heels for each other, have the most adorable daughter, and have since moved back to the Midwest. It was such an honor to photograph your special day, Paige + Mehdi! I wish you so much happiness!

2016-04-20_0003.jpg 2016-04-20_0004.jpg 2016-04-20_0005.jpg 2016-04-20_0006.jpg 2016-04-20_0007.jpg 2016-04-20_0008.jpg 2016-04-20_0009.jpg 2016-04-20_0010.jpg 2016-04-20_0012.jpg 2016-04-20_0011.jpg 2016-04-20_0013.jpg 2016-04-20_0014.jpg 2016-04-20_0016.jpg 2016-04-20_0015.jpg 2016-04-20_0017.jpg 2016-04-20_0018.jpg 2016-04-20_0019.jpg 2016-04-20_0020.jpg 2016-04-20_0021.jpg 2016-04-20_0022.jpg 2016-04-20_0025.jpg2016-04-20_0024 2016-04-20_0026.jpg 2016-04-20_0027.jpg 2016-04-20_0028.jpg 2016-04-20_0029.jpg 2016-04-20_0030.jpg 2016-04-20_0031.jpg 2016-04-20_0032.jpg 2016-04-20_0033.jpg 2016-04-20_0034.jpg 2016-04-20_0035.jpg 2016-04-20_0036.jpg 2016-04-20_0037.jpg 2016-04-20_0038.jpg 2016-04-20_0023.jpg 2016-04-20_0040.jpg 2016-04-20_0041.jpg 2016-04-20_0042.jpg 2016-04-20_0043.jpg 2016-04-20_0044.jpg 2016-04-20_0045.jpg 2016-04-20_0046.jpg 2016-04-20_0047.jpg 2016-04-20_0039.jpg

To see all of the photos from Paige + Mehdi's beautiful wedding day, CLICK HERE. Thanks to my wonderful friend KATIE MCDONALD for helping me photograph this lovely event at the Stine Barn!