rachel + bryan : engaged

rachel and bryan met at benedictine college (there seems to be a theme on this blog lately, huh?) while out at a bar. bryan might have had another girlfriend at the time. rachel might have hit on him. and now they are for sure getting married. granted, there was some time in between those last two - but regardless - quite the story! These two brought their adorable little man, Jax, along for some family pictures before we did their engagement shoot in Kansas City. We had so much fun wandering parks, getting kicked out of parking garages, and having multiple stares as we shot at the Plaza Fountain. Needless to say, it was quite entertaining! You guys are such a blast and I can't wait for your December wedding!!theres a smile! He just wanted to play!love these next few...are they not the most beautiful people ever!?(another favorite series with the next 3...dont know what it is about these black and whites but i just love them)!they're part time models. no big deal.props on the coordinating goes to...rachel!(this one got some stares - woot woot!)

congratulations you guys! December 17th can't come soon enough!!