rachel + bryan : married

i spent the weekend before Christmas photographing this wonderful couple in kansas city!they met when they were both in school at Benedictine College. Rachel was working at the local bar (Muellers!!). Bryan was at the bar. Rachel hit on Bryan. Bryan asked her out. And now - they're married. I'm sure there were some in between parts...? :) rachel was an absolutely beautiful bride - but you can see that for yourself - not to mention the fact that both she and bryan were totally go with the flow! congratulations to a wonderful couple! i wish you all the best and was SO thrilled to be a party of your day!

(did i mention how chilled out rachel was...watching cartoons on her big day :) ) rachel's sister & dad sang at their ceremony!going up! why yes, they are "tebow"-ing rachel and bryans little Jax stole the show during their slideshow! 

congratulations! what a perfect day!