rachel + patrick : married

w o w .what a wedding. there were so many reasons i love this one. the first one is that rachel cried and laughed a lot. she was a riot! the second one is that it absolutely down poured. as in we went outside for one single shot. adventure! and mostly, this couple is so totally in love with each other that nothing else mattered except this was the best day of their life. even with the tornado warning. thats how you know they're going to make it.

allie from one:one shot this omaha wedding with me and we had such a blast - as always!

i love the emotion when dad is walking down the brideisn't this veil beautiful?!someone left this just perfectly for us to find - we couldn't resist :) our token outdoor picture! yay!! ... it was POURING.love their siblings in this one! ahh the BC bathroom tradition...love to document these!one of my favorite dance pictures from a wedding. you guys are AWESOME. thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day!