sami + adam : married

i think the reason i take pictures its because my words can never do justice to the amazing things that i am fortunate enough to encounter.this wedding proves just that. I could write about how beautiful the wedding was, and how incredible this couple is, how wonderful their family and friends are, and how absolutely amazing their venue in southern iowa was to photograph - but it doesn't do justice to their day at all. I'm not an i'll let the pictures do the talking and I'm sure you'll be able to see exactly what i mean. Allie and I had so much fun - as we always do - shooting this wedding especially! From every little detail to every hysterical dance was absolutely perfect!

not only are her shoes amazing...but this venue was fantastic! I've never seen so many flowers in my LIFE! it was like a greenhouse in there by the time they got done and my gosh it was AMAZING! sami was collecting vintage plates too for her big day! such an awesome idea!steve telling adam something along the lines of "you're the luckiest guy ever", I'm sure! they rode off in a boat!! ... have i mentioned this wedding was AMAZING?

the jones girls are too this...isn't sami amazing?! she came up with this cake topper and totally made it look awesome! flash dance!! i believe in a thing called love - AWESOME!! 

congratulations you two! WOW! what an amazing day! so happy we could be a part of it!! you guys are amazing :)