sarah + luke : married

sarah & luke got married in decorah, iowa. it was absolutely positively perfect. like I've always said - people in love make the very best pictures. and these two are so clearly in love!

sarah you are gorgeous!miles is probably the most awesome kid you'll ever i said, most awesome kid ever. he was the ring bearer - but he didn't carry the rings. he rang a bell. all the way down the aisle. running. then didn't see grandma, so he ran back to the back of the church. then he did see grandma - so he ran back to the front of the church. pure. that your speech was a song! you guys rock! i always love first dance moments. this is a favorite.  ok so THIS was a first for he was getting the garter he wound up getting ICED! if you don't know what that means - its simple - if you are presented with a smirnoff ice, you have to get down on one knee and chug it. she was hiding it in her dress! WHAT!

congratulations to such a beautiful couple!