staci + mike • married

What a wonderful day for a wedding!

I have known Staci and her family for many years and could not have been more excited when she asked me to photograph her and Mike's wedding day. I got to know Mike during their engagement session and it was easy to see how perfect they are for each other! They are so hilarious and down to earth and I knew their wedding day would go on without a hitch! Their beautiful ceremony with a church filled with loved ones was a true testament to the type of amazing and loving people Staci and Mike are. Thanks for having a hilarious over the top wedding party! Thanks for having an epic dance floor at your reception! Most especially, thanks for allowing me the privilege to capture all of that for you! I couldn't be happier for you two! Congratulations to such a deserving couple!

Thanks to my second shooter, Cassie, for helping me out!

dunnblog1-0 dunnblog1-1 dunnblog1-5 dunnblog1-8 dunnblog1-14 Brotherly love - ha! dunnblog1-14a dunnblog1-14b dunnblog1-16 dunnblog1-18 dunnblog1-22 dunnblog1-25 dunnblog1-27 dunnblog1-28 dunnblog1-30 dunnblog1-31 dunnblog1-33 dunnblog1-37 dunnblog1-37a dunnblog1-38 dunnblog1-39 dunnblog1-40 dunnblog1-40a dunnblog1-41 dunnblog1-43 dunnblog1-44 dunnblog1-45 dunnblog1-46dunnblog1-48 dunnblog1-50 dunnblog1-53 dunnblog1-55 dunnblog1-55a dunnblog1-57 dunnblog1-58 dunnblog1-61 You guys have the most awesome families!! dunnblog1-62 dunnblog1-65 dunnblog1-67 dunnblog1-68 dunnblog1-70 dunnblog1-71 dunnblog1-73 I absolutely love this moment between Staci and her dad. This is one of those moments that make me love what I do! dunnblog1-75 dunnblog1-77 dunnblog1-77a dunnblog1-78b dunnblog1-78c dunnblog1-85 dunnblog1-86 dunnblog1-87 dunnblog1-89 dunnblog1-90 dunnblog1-92 dunnblog1-93 dunnblog1-94 dunnblog1-99 dunnblog1-99a dunnblog1-100 dunnblog1-104 dunnblog1-105dunnblog1-107 dunnblog1-108 dunnblog1-109 dunnblog1-111 dunnblog1-112 dunnblog1-114 dunnblog1-115 dunnblog1-118 dunnblog1-120 dunnblog1-121 dunnblog1-122 dunnblog1-123 dunnblog1-124 dunnblog1-125 dunnblog1-126 dunnblog1-126a dunnblog1-126b dunnblog1-126c dunnblog1-126d dunnblog1-128 dunnblog1-130 dunnblog1-131 dunnblog1-135 dunnblog1-136dunnblog2-1 dunnblog2-3 dunnblog2-4 dunnblog2-5 dunnblog2-6 dunnblog2-9 dunnblog2-12 dunnblog2-12a dunnblog2-29 dunnblog2-30 dunnblog2-31 dunnblog2-32 dunnblog2-33 dunnblog2-36 dunnblog2-37 dunnblog2-38 dunnblog2-39 dunnblog2-40 dunnblog2-41 dunnblog2-42dunnblog2-41a

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