corey + dustin : july 2, 2011

i couldn't wait to get this post up!! this is one from over a month ago that I've been saving to debut on my new site! corey and dustin flew me out to the lovely colorado back in july to shoot their mountainside wedding! it was an amazing experience! i had only met corey & dustin once before when they booked me so it was great to finally really get to know them. allie and i arrived on friday and as corey decorated, dustin was in charge of hanging out with us girls. needless to say we spent a lot of time together driving up to the mountains to check out the location. allie, my lovely second shooter is always full of questions. she asked what dustin's favorite thing was about colorado. "the weather" he replied. ironic. the next day for their ceremony it poured. and then hailed. it was pretty amazing as the rest of the day was perfect. it was also pretty hilarious - the ceremony was still beautiful and full of lots of laughs...and wet clothes. I don't think Corey ever thought her parasol would come in so handy! Despite the pinging of hail off of my camera - we made it through. Almost immediately after it stopped. I've never seen such better sports!! Corey & Dustin were such a blast to hang out with all day and i am honored that I was able to photograph your day! Congratulations to you both!

Starting out the day at Starbucks...not too shabby!

this place was awesome!i thought this fit well...thanks to allie who hung out with the boys all morning! she did an awesome job capturing the guys while i was with the gals! how awesome is this?! he got to borrow it from his grandma & grandpa! corey is so crafty! she found her perfect shoes but they didn't have enough bling for her. so. she added her own! awesome!!photo below by alliecorey walking down the side of the one could see her until she got to her aisle! how cool!photo below by allielove this...and the rain starts - dustin's nice best man found him an umbrella :) the AWESOME is this place?!despite hail - the new mr & mrs!!how awesome is this bouquet! again...homemade by corey herself! (photo below by allie)much more comfortable..her awesome homemade candy bar!

brooke + john : preview

whew! these are hot off the press! ...whatever that means? not sure that phrase works for photography but whatever. brooke and john had a beautiful day today; coupled with a perfect ceremony and incredible reception venue. needless to say it was pretty amazing. these two are so blatantly in love it made my job easy! this is such a tease to throw up only a few...but i couldn't resist these ones :) this is where they had their first date - or actually their DTR ("determine the relationship" for those of you who don't know) - at gung fu tea. adorable!

...and a couple ring shots to spice up your life! i think i had way too much fun with them this time hah! but aren't they awesome rings!?!

congratulations you two! you are perfect together!

melissa + patrick : married

these two got married on july 30th and it was seriously a perfect day! I went to college with both melissa and patrick and studied abroad in italy with melissa. it was so amazing to be a part of their big day! their wedding party was an absolute blast! they were up for anything which made my job quite fun! it was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was a BLAST...check out the dance pictures :) Thanks so much you guys! Congratulations!!i love that melissa let the girls pick their own hair piece! super cute and adds a unique accent!melissa's first wedding present...nice. love this one - melissa you are so gorgeous!patrick made this canoe for melissa while he was abroad...awww this kid was stinkin adorable - what a ham :) this church is SO pretty!they're married! now ... party time!these guys were hilarious.melissa's dad has a jewelry store in st. charles where we were shooting - we had to stop by the shop!her maid of honor made this for them! how cool is that!!classic!i loooove her ring! probably not a bad thing to have a jeweler for a dad?! of my favorite toss shots! i just love melissa's expression - among the rest of the girls'! :) check out grandma on the left - LOVE it!oh holly. she was showing me how to ... crump? chump? crunk? i don't remember what it was called. regardless - it was amazing holly! :D ahhh the infamous benedictine college tradition (above and below). Don't ask. It may be one of the weirdest things ever. No. It IS the weirdest tradition ever. But it produces pretty awesome pictures!all of the BC alum! wahoo!patrick's brother may have done the best worm e v e r . please take note of his keys...then the groom hit the dance floor!

needless to say - it was quite a blast! hope you guys are loving the married life!!


robin + evan : preview

HOLY. EPIC. this wedding was absolutely amazing. it was one of the most fun weddings!! And it fits perfectly - as this is the first preview on my brand spanking new website - it's a good thing it's one as amazing as this one! here is a quick preview with SO many more to come!! we had so much fun driving around kansas city taking pictures! everywhere from this awesome bridge I asked the driver to pull over the random the KC ROYALS KAUFFMAN STADIUM!it was beyond words! This girl is crazy (like. seriously crazy as in she wore royal blue high heels for her wedding) for the KC Royals! I have never seen such a happy bride! Shout out to her awesome bridesmaid who was able to get us in in the first place!

it was such an incredible day! I cannot wait to share more!! Thanks and congrats to you both! 

allison + tyson : july 9, 2011

1 down 1 to go! This was the second of our double header wedding weekend AND the second Thompson girl wedding that I've shot! It was so great to see everyone again - I absolutely love their family! Allison and Tyson got married at a little church in Atchison, Kansas. This is home to my alma mater, Benedictine College, where they held their reception! It was a perfect day full of lots of laughter and some ice cream too (it was hot, again)! We had so much fun shooting your wedding! Enjoy!

her parents drove away in this car for their very own wedding too! mr. thompson was trying to keep it in the shade all day...i just think it's hilarious that they get ready in these little kid classrooms!! how cute :) love this. it was sooo hot...we tried a few right outside the church then decided we had  a better cream! this is snowball - everyone in atchison knows this place for its awesome ice cream! we liked it for its air conditioning, too! it didn't last too long - they were troopers and wanted to keep venturing outside! allison you are stunning.allison's brother asked me to take this shot - he thought it looked like they were little cake toppers! HAHA!! i totally see it...i love this church!they had these on several of the tables...parents, siblings, grandparents. SUCH  a cool idea!!loved her bling!the first bouquet toss...we had to redo it when it hit the fan and went everywhere!! awesome!love this!