the h family

THREE hilarious 4-year oldsONE crazy 2-year old TWO awesome parents. I love this family. I come from a pretty big family (no, really, I have 10 siblings...), so when I met this adorable family, I could immediately relate to the chaos that comes with that many kiddos around the same age...and I loved it! I was so excited to take their photos and they did not disappoint! I had the best time with these little ladies! Thanks for allowing me to get a glimpse of your lovely family; I was beyond grateful to be able to document all of the fun!


It was amazing to see just how different each of their little personalities are! Siena is a little explorer, and took in every detail wherever we were. Rowan is so sweet, always willing to laugh and play along with her sisters. Jovie was all about the pictures; she was ready to go for every shot with a big smile and a hand on her hip. And then there's Lola...a little spitfire! Being the youngest of the 4, I'm sure that was inevitable!


But all 4 girls are beyond fun! They giggled, hugged, shared, played, and held hands with each other the entire shoot. They got along perfectly and had such a blast together. I'm pretty sure the bulk of the session consisted of laughing.



_bloght-13 _bloght-14 _bloght-14a _bloght-17_bloght-15 _bloght-18 Sometimes Lola had her own ideas for the photos..._bloght-19a _bloght-23 _bloght-24 _bloght-25 _bloght-26 _bloght-27 _bloght-29 _bloght-30 _bloght-31 _bloght-33


(...The best part is that I left with these awesome flowers from the girls ; ))