this weekend in pictures : oct 1

everything from this weekend absolutely reaffirmed why i love what i do.

the first was nicole and phil's wedding. it was amazing! everything went so perfect throughout the entire day (we all know nicole is amazing at planning)! we had so much fun hanging out - and got a few pictures too :) it was an incredible day, to say the least and i loved every minute of it! thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day! we so loved it! here are a few quick shots from yesterday...

this next shoot from earlier today is of an amazing family that i have known since...oh, right. as long as i can remember. we've grown up with these guys and it was such an honor to take their family picture! they wanted to do it since everyone was home! and I'm sure you could imagine how hard that is with this many people! i honestly had so much fun - they were willing to do anything - even illegally (oops) climb an awesome rock pile for a pretty epic brotherly picture. thanks so much you guys! (...we had to! a lil bunny ear action...a lil punching action...all out of love, of course!) cutest kid award? win.ok. i seriously love this. one of my favorite family shots that i've ever taken.