Tiffany + Grant | Married

These two are the epitome of a good time. I'm pretty sure you cannot NOT have fun if you're around Tiffany + Grant so it was no surprise that their wedding day was the absolute best time! Congratulations to the happy, happy couple! Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful and hysterical wedding day!

2016-05-18_0022.jpg 2016-05-18_0021.jpg 2016-05-18_0024.jpg 2016-05-18_0023.jpg 2016-05-18_0025.jpg 2016-05-18_0026.jpg 2016-05-18_0027.jpg 2016-05-18_0028.jpg 2016-05-18_0033.jpg 2016-05-18_0029.jpg 2016-05-18_0030.jpg 2016-05-18_0031.jpg 2016-05-18_0032.jpg 2016-05-18_0034.jpg 2016-05-18_0035.jpg 2016-05-18_0036.jpg 2016-05-18_0037.jpg 2016-05-18_0038.jpg 2016-05-18_0039.jpg 2016-05-18_0040.jpg 2016-05-18_0041.jpg 2016-05-18_0042.jpg 2016-05-18_0043.jpg 2016-05-18_0044.jpg 2016-05-18_0045.jpg 2016-05-18_0046.jpg 2016-05-18_0047.jpg 2016-05-18_0048.jpg 2016-05-18_0049.jpg 2016-05-18_0050.jpg 2016-05-18_0051.jpg 2016-05-18_0052.jpg 2016-05-18_0053.jpg 2016-05-18_0054.jpg 2016-05-18_0055.jpg 2016-05-18_0056.jpg 2016-05-18_0057.jpg 2016-05-18_0058.jpg 2016-05-18_0059.jpg 2016-05-18_0060.jpg 2016-05-18_0061.jpg 2016-05-18_0062.jpg 2016-05-18_0064.jpg 2016-05-18_0063.jpg 2016-05-18_0065.jpg 2016-05-18_0066.jpg 2016-05-18_0067.jpg 2016-05-18_0068.jpg 2016-05-18_0069.jpg 2016-05-18_0070.jpg 2016-05-18_0072.jpg 2016-05-18_0073.jpg 2016-05-18_0074.jpg 2016-05-18_0071.jpg 2016-05-18_0075.jpg 2016-05-18_0076.jpg 2016-05-18_0077.jpg This reception got pretty hilarious, pretty quickly. Aluminum foil + fake mustaches is always a recipe for a good time. And these aren't even half of them - ha! Check them all out in the galleries (link at the end of post). 2016-05-18_0078.jpg 2016-05-18_0079.jpg 2016-05-18_0080.jpg 2016-05-18_0081.jpg 2016-05-18_0082.jpg 2016-05-18_0083.jpg 2016-05-18_0084.jpg 2016-05-18_0085.jpg 2016-05-18_0086.jpg 2016-05-18_0087.jpg 2016-05-18_0088.jpg 2016-05-18_0089.jpg 2016-05-18_0090.jpg 2016-05-18_0091.jpg 2016-05-18_0092.jpg 2016-05-18_0093.jpg 2016-05-18_0094.jpg

 What an epic party! These are just some of my favorites! To view all photos from Tiffany + Grant's wedding, CLICK HERE! 

Thanks so much to Sarah at Lucky Soda Photography for helping photograph the big day!