robin + evan

me: "so, where did you guys meet, anyway?"robin & evan glance at each other. laughter. in unison: "at a bar." i knew i would like these guys.

and i was right.

their wedding day was absolutely perfect in every sense of the word. the weather cooperated wonderfully and all of their friends and family came together and had so much fun celebrating this big day (for proof, check out their rockin' reception)! not to mention i love couples like robin & evan! they were so laid back! me: "hey, this looks cool, can we pull over here?" them: "sure!" and that is what allowed us to shoot under a random bridge: because this particular bride and groom are pure awesomeness. i cannot illustrate to you how much fun i had the entire day! the wedding party was such a blast to hang out with; we got pizza on a trolley for cry in' out loud then stopped by Kauffman Stadium - whoa! Thanks so much for being up for anything and everything and for allowing me to come to your awesome party! Enjoy!

(don't you just love allie?! she takes wonderful shots! like this one...)one of my faaaav dresses! love this, robin!(for the royals...)below photo of the awesome Tyler, by Allie.when he first sees her :) love!loved this church!below image by Alliebelow image by Allie.(side note: ever since i saw the first transformers movie, and there was the car chase under the highway bridges, i've wanted to do a shoot under those kinds of bridges. so basically, robin and evan, you helped make my dreams come true :)  )HOLY PIZZA this place is good! you guys are amazing.guys - equally impressive?love.10 points if this looks familiar to you... day at the k?! yes, please!:) sisters! kc apparently has countless awesome places to shoot..boom.i don't know why but i find this hilarious. love this one from AllieSO MANY great toasts! first from dad...then the best man and younger brother of evan...first sister....second sister... and another side note: PLEASE take note that tricia is currently putting her last "gift" for the couple on the table: a baby bottle, implying the obvious. and check out evan's reaction. i laughed out loud at this one. everybody was partyin!love this one by Allie!

thanks so much again you guys!! i can't wait to go to grinders with you again sometime :)